Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0b3 Release Notes

New APIs

A. Web framework

  • SAP
    • The accessoryId attribute and onerror callbacks have been added in the ServiceConnectionCallback interface.
  • Web Device API
    • In the Motion API:
      • GPS type has been added for retrieving user location information (latitude, longitude, speed, timestamp)
      • The startHandGestureRecognition() and stopHandGestureRecognition() methods have been added to get information about user hand gestures (gesture direction, acceleration, and duration).
      • The “HRM” MotionType has been added.
    • The Memory interface and DUID attribute have been added in SystemInfo API.
    • The MessagePort and SystemSetting and Download API have been added.
    • The Sensor API has been added in the Extension APIs, with the Light, Magnetic, Pressure, Proximity, and UV sensor types.
    • The badge manager is supported to set the badge number on the application icon.
  • Web UI Framework (TAU)
    • Default Winset Theme color has been changed (black to brown).
  • Web Runtime
    • The Dynamic Box is enabled.

API Changes

A. Web framework

  • Web UI Framework (TAU)
    • The library path has been changed from lib/tau/ to lib/tau/wearable/. All JS and CSS files are present in the changed path.
    • A new wearable theme style has been applied for all widgets.
    • The namespace for all widget constructors has been changed from tau to tau.widget.wearable (for example, tau.widget.wearable.Popup()).
  • Web Device API
    • The following application controls are available (in the Gear S target device only):
      Function AppControl ID MIME Type
      DIAL http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/dial  
      CALL http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/call  
      VIEW http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/view audio/image/video
      PICK http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/pick image
      SHARE http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/share image
      MULTI-SHARE http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/multi_share image
  • Web Runtime
    • The following preference has been added to provide easy migration of Gear 2 applications (320x320 resolution) to Gear S device:
    • The Application ID constraint has been added to Web application packages (widgets). Once the application has been published, the ID cannot be changed.
    • The following configuration elements have been added to support the Web IME: <tizen:ime>, <tizen:uuid>, <tizen:languages>, and <tizen:language>.
  • Webkit
    • The following Web APIs and features have been added:
    • Geolocation, Webspeech (TTS only), and SVG
    • Network access including XHR, Web Socket, and Web page access through, for example, hyperlinks.

B. Fixed Bugs

  • Web UI Framework (TAU)
    • Direction properties (Gesture.Orientation and Gesture.Direction) of the Gesture event has been changed from integer to string type:
      • Gesture.Orientation.VERTICAL : 1 -> “vertical”
      • Gesture.Orientation.HORIZONTAL : 2 -> “horizontal”
      • Gesture.Direction.UP : 1 -> “up”
      • Gesture.Direction.DOWN: 2 -> “down”
      • Gesture.Direction.LEFT: 3 -> “left”
      • Gesture.Direction.RIGHT: 4 -> “right”

IDE and Tools

A. New Features

  • Certificates
    • Both certificate and device profile are authorized by developer site without sending PGP email.
  • Device Viewer
    • Device Viewer has been added to help you to view your application layout with various screen sizes and aspect ratios.
  • Emulator
    • In the Emulator Manager, a new display resolution of 360x480 (default) has been added.
    • The Emulator now supports the AAC encoder.
  • Rich Notification (Beta)
    • Note: Rich Notification works only on 360x480 resolution.
    • Actions and associated callbacks in Android Rich Notification SDK work with the Tizen Emulator and the wearable device.
    • An Android host device can send a notification to the wearable device without developing a wearable application. For more information, see the Rich Notification Programming Guide.
    • Layout details of notification templates are subject to change at any time while keeping the main theme of each template.
    • Limitation:
      • Remote built-in actions such as call, SMS, and voice input attached to the notification only work in target devices that support the corresponding features.
  • Web IDE
    • The “Permit to install application” menu has been added in the Connection Explorer view for device provisioning.
    • Web IME UX for IME template and category UX has been added in the Tizen tab.
    • Packaging a font project is now supported.

B. Fixed Bugs

  • Emulator
    • The issue of no functions working when the Emulator is created with name “em” has been fixed. Remove the em.lock file (tizen-wearable-sdk-data/emulator/vms/em.lock).

C. Known Issues

  • Emulator
    • The Emulator skin may not be drawn properly on Ubuntu, if a graphics driver is not installed or an older version is installed. To fix the issue, update the graphics driver.
    • When the disk storage is full, various incorrect operations can occur.