Troubleshoot your Tizen SDK installation by referring to the following installation log file:

  • On Ubuntu and Mac OS®: $HOME/.update-manager/install-log/update-manager/installer
  • On Windows® 10, 8 and 7: %LOCALAPPDATA%\.update-manager\install-log\update-manager\installer

Java Installation (Mac OS® X)

Note: This problem has been solved in Tizen SDK 2.4 Rev2. The following guide is for Tizen SDK 2.4 Rev1 and earlier versions.

The Install Manager can have compatibility issues in Mac OS® X, even if you have installed JDK(or JRE) from the Oracle Website. If the notification displayed in the following figure is displayed on the screen, follow the onscreen instructions for Java installation.

Figure: Java installation

Java installation

Network Connection Failure

If the Install Manager fails to connect to the SDK package server:

  • Check if you can access the Tizen Web site using the Web browser on the system where you are installing the SDK. If not, install the SDK using the SDK image.
  • Check if you are using a network proxy. If yes, run the Install Manager. Click the Settings button and select the desired option. If the proxy server needs authentication, an ID and password dialog opens.
From Tizen 2.4 official SDK, the Installer and the Update Manager are supported instead of the Install Manager. So this troubleshooting is not applicable since the 2.4 official version.


Install Manager Crashes (Ubuntu)

The crashing of the Install Manager as a result of the is a JVM problem in Ubuntu. Try the following:

  • Install the libdbus-java package:

    sudo apt-get install libdbus-java
  • Run the Install Manager with the–noAutoProxy option:
    ./tizen-sdk-ubuntu.bin -noAutoproxy
If the Install Manager crashes while downloading packages, restart the installation. The Install Manager continues to download the remaining packages.

SDK Image File Dialog Failure (Windows®)

When installing the Tizen SDK using the SDK image, you may see the “Cannot open SDK image file” dialog box. The box is displayed if you are using the jdk 1.6 updates 26 JDK. To avoid this problem, ensure that you are using the latest version of Java.

Java Crashes During SDK Installation (Windows® 64-bit)

During the Tizen SDK installation, the Java application can crash unexpectedly, and the following window is displayed.

Figure: Java crash during the SDK installation

Java installation

To avoid this problem:

  • Ensure that you are using the latest version of the error DLL file, such as MSVCR100.dll. If the error file version is not the latest, upgrade it.
  • Update your system with all the Windows-related updates using Windows Update.


Install Manager Does Not Open (Windows®)

If the Install Manager does not open, run the Install Manager with the -help option:

./install-manager.exe -help

If you see the following message, Java libraries are not suitable to Java executables. "Registry key 'Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\CurrentVersion' has value 'XXX', but 'XXX' is required."

The cause is that Java files in System32 do not match to Java Runtime Environment in registry.

To avoid this problem, copy the  java.exe file to the System32 directory.


Emulator Does Not Open (Windows®)

If the Tizen Emulator does not open, you may be facing the same problem as with the Install Manager above. Check the log file at <TIZEN-SDK-DATA>/emulator/vms/<Emulator name>/logs/emulator.log.