Common Tools


The Tizen SDK provides the following set of common tools for application development:

  • Application generation management tools

    Project Explorer view

    Shows a hierarchical view of all project resources in the workspace.

    Certificate Registration

    This tool is used to register the author certificate.

  • Application running and testing tools

    Connection Explorer view

    Shows the connected targets (emulators and devices) and provides tools for exploring them.

    Smart Launch

    This tool allows you to launch applications in an integrated environment.

    Smart Development Bridge

    This tool manages multiple device and Emulator connections.


    This tool emulates the target device and provides an optimized environment to debug and test applications on the local machine before deploying it to the real target device.

  • Analysis and debugging tools

    Log view

    Shows the log, debug, and exception messages.

    Dynamic Analyzer

    This tool monitors the performance of your application on a target device or Emulator.

  • Tips for tool usage

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    This tool allows you to operate more quickly and easily in different operating systems.

Note: Some of the IDE tools and views are visible only in specific IDE perspectives. To switch to the applicable perspective, go to Window > Open Perspective > Other and select the perspective you want.

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