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News and Updates Visual Studio 2017 Support. The second preview of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen has been updated to support Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 released on March 2017.

The second preview of Tizen .NET, an application framework for Tizen based on .NET,  is now available. The second preview is a significant update to the first preview released in November 2016. Key new features are as follows:

  • TV application development. The first preview came with mobile application support only. With the second preview, you can now use the same familiar API, such as .NET Standard and Xamarin.Forms, to develop Tizen TV applications.

  • Project wizard. Visual Studio Tools for Tizen provide a number of different options to build applications. For instance, you can build an application that runs on a single device type or an application that runs on multiple device types. You can build an application that runs on Tizen only or an application that runs on multiple platforms. The project wizard helps you to select the right project type with step-by-step guides.

  • New tools. Tizen-specific tools were added to further improve your productivity including a certificate manager, emulator manager, emulator control panel, and manifest editor.

  • More Tizen platform-specific API. The second preview significantly increases the number of Tizen-specific API available for .NET developers. Following packages have become newly available. For the full pakage list,  see Tizen Platform-Specific API.
    • Media Recorder (capi-media-recorder)
    • Push (libpush)
    • Smart Card (capi-network-smartcard)
    • NFC (capi-network-nfc)
    • System Setting (capi-system-system-settings)
    • Media Controller (capi-media-controller)
    • Web URL Download (capi-web-url-download)
    • Speech to Text (stt)
    • Text to Speech (tts)
    • Account Service (account-svc)
    • Media Vision (capi-media-vision)
    • Geofence Manager (capi-geofence-manager)
    • OAuth2 (liboauth2)
    • WiFi Direct (capi-network-wifi-direct)

Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

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