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Tizen .NET Preview 4

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  • Visual Studio 2017 Support. Visual Studio Tools for Tizen supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 released in March 2017 since the second preview.

The fourth preview of Tizen .NET, an application framework for Tizen based on .NET,  is now available.
The key new features are:

  • .NET Core 2.0 Preview
    Microsoft has made many improvements as part of the .NET Core 2.0 Preview release.
    The following improvements are included in .NET Core 2.0 Preview:

    • Massive API increase (>100%) relative to .NET Core 1.x.
    • Support for .NET Standard 2.0.
    • Support for referencing .NET Framework libraries and NuGet packages.
  •  Visual Studio Tools for Tizen update
    • Support for x86 Tizen .NET TV Emulator Preview: Preview 4 now provides 3 emulators - x64 TV, x64 Mobile, and x86 TV Emulators.
    • API and Privilege Checker helps to verify if APIs and privileges are used as designed.
  • Xamarin.Forms update
    • Support for the latest Xamarin.Forms version 2.3.5.
    • Enhanced TV Control UX.
  • Tizen platform-specific API
    The following packages are newly available. For the full package list, see Tizen Platform-Specific API.
    • Tizen.Log: Prints log messages to the Tizen logging system.
    • Tizen.Multimedia.Radio: Provides radio functionality.
    • Tizen.Network.IoTConnectivity: Manages, for example, resources, remote resources, requests, and responses based on IoTivity project.
    • Tizen.Security.TEE:Allows client applications running in a rich operating environment to communicate with security-related trusted applications running inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
    • Tizen.Uix.VoiceControl: Controls the device through the user's voice.

Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

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