Installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen


To work with Visual Studio Tools for Tizen, make sure that your system meets the following requirements.

For the installation of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen Preview, your system requires more than 1.5GB available disk space.

Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio Tools for Tizen works with all variations including Community. Installation or re-installation with the C#/.NET (Xamarin v3.1.1) in Cross Platform Mobile Development is recommended.

.NET Core 1.0.1 Tools Preview 2 or later

This update is needed to set the .NET development environment. For more information, see

Java Development Kit (JDK) Requirements

You must install a Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 to use Emulator Manager & Certificate Manager which were introduced at Preview 2. Do not install OpenJDK.

Download the JDK from the official Oracle Web site. Select the appropriate platform for your hardware architecture and Windows® version. Then, run the downloaded execution file and follow the displayed instructions.

Emulator Prerequisites

Tizen emulator for Visual Studio requires an equivalent environment with an emulator in the Tizen Studio. To check the hardware and software requirements of the Tizen emulator, see Emulator Requirements.

  • Emulator requires 64-bit host PC and 64-bit Windows only.
  • Intel HAXM environment is required for accelerating the Tizen emulator. Intel HAXM is started automatically when you try to install Visual Studio Tools for Tizen. For more information, see Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager.
  • Make sure Hyper-V should be disabled (in Windows® 8 or later):
    1. Run Programs and Features in the Start menu.

      Programs and Features

    2. Select Turn Windows features on or off.
    3. Disable Hyper-V.

      Disaböe Hyper-V

    4. Reboot the host PC


Visual Studio Tools for Tizen Preview Installation

The following steps are needed in installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.

1 InstallShield

The InstallShield wizard sets the basic environment for the Visual Studio extension installer and Tizen Emulator installer. The Tizen C# development environment is organized step by step with a few clicks.

Figure: Installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen with InstallShield

Since the license contains important legal notifications for using Visual Studio Tools for Tizen, read it line by line, and check the I accept the terms in the license agreement check box only when you agree with the license statement.

Figure: Visual Studio Tools for Tizen License Agreement

2 VSIX Installation

After the Install Shield process, the VSIX installer for Tizen MI-based Debugger and Visual Studio Tools for Tizen are launched. These installers add the Tizen application development extensions to Visual Studio.

Figure: MI-based Debugger installer

Figure: VISIX installer

3 Intel HAXM Installation

After the VSIX installation process, the Intel HAXM installer is launched. Intel HAXM is needed to accelerate the Tizen Emulator.

Figure: Intel HAXM installer

Start installation

The memory limitation for the Tizen Emulator can be managed manually. The default value is recommended, but you can set a suitable memory limitation for your development environment.

Figure: Memory management in Intel HAXM

Adjust RAM

4 Installation Checks

To check that the installation has been successful:

  1. Run Visual Studio 2017.
  2. Go to Tools > Extensions and Update. If you find the Visual Studio Tools for Tizen and Tizen MI-based Debugger items installed, everything is OK.

  3. Go to File > New > Project to find the Tizen entry with some Tizen-specific templates in the Visual C# tree.

Installed Components

The following components are installed:

  • In <Program Files>/Tizen/Tools:

    • Tizen.Extension.vsix: Visual Studio extension with project templates and debugging
    • Tizen.MIDebugPackage.vsix: Visual Studio extension with MIEngine fork for Tizen
  • In <Program Files>/Tizen/SDK/platforms: Mobile and TV Emulator images
  • ​In <Program Files>/Tizen/SDK/tools:
    • sdb.exe: For connection with the emulator and target devices
    • In certificate-generator: Storage for Tizen certificates
    • In certificate-manager: Tool for managing Tizen certificates
    • In device-manager: Tool for managing devices including Tizen emulators and devices
    • In emualtor: Tool for emulator manager
    • In on-demand: lldb engines for on-demand debugger
  • In<Program Files>/MSBuild/Tizen:
    • Tizen.CSharp.targets: Used for building
    • bin/author_test.p12: Used as a test author certificate file
      • The password is author_test without double quotation marks.
    • bin/tizen-distributor-signer.p12: Used as a test distributor certificate file
    • bin/libxmlsec-1.2.18: Used for signing