Tizen IoT with Nubison Cloud

The Nubison IoT cloud is a cloud-based IoT platform that provides smart solutions and intelligent services by connecting various things easily, as well as collecting and analyzing IoT data in real time.

Real-time data monitoring and controlling between Tizen service app and Nubison cloud is empowered through Nubison plugin.

The following diagram shows the interface between Tizen IoT device and Nubison cloud through Nubison plugin:

Figure: Architecture


The Nubison plugin can be installed on Tizen IoT devices compatible with as follow:

  • Platform : Tizen 5.0 IoT Headed & Headless and later
  • SDK : Tizen Studio 3.0 and later

For more information about Nubison IoT cloud service, see the following references:

Get started by importing Nubison's template in Tizen Studio!