Performance and Optimization

Mobile WebWearable Web


  • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
  • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable
  • Tizen 3.0 and Higher for TV

Related Info

The performance and optimization features include animation rate and page visibility control, and Web worker management.

The main performance and optimization features are:

  • Page Visibility

    Enables you to retrieve the visibility status of a Web document and detect changes in it.

  • Timing control for script-based animations

    Enables you to control animation speed by scheduling frame update requests.

  • Web Workers

    Enables you to create and manage HTML5 Web Workers to run an independent JavaScript thread in the background without affecting the device performance.

  • Performance Improvement in wearable applications only

    Allows you to improve the performance of Tizen Web applications.