Read Heart Rate Monitor Data

The Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) sensor measures a person's heart rate in real time. Here, Creating Sensor Handler & Listener, Setting event callback for listener and showing heart rate in bpm are done. Stop the Sensor Listener and destroy it once your task is completed.


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Jacob Olson

I have been trying to get the heart rate sensor to work for a few days now. when I run this code, I can't get it get into the callback function. It goes all the way through and check support returns true for the heart rate monitor, but when setting the breakpoint inside the callback function, it never gets there. Is there something else you have to do? I also tried running the hrmsensor app from

and that one would print "sensor is supported" and then just stay there forever.

I am on tizen 4.0 and i get the same thing running on my watch and the emulator. 

Please help