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Editable Bookmark Widget on Map Application in Tizen


Geographic information systems (GIS) (also known as Geospatial information systems) are systems that enable users to capture, store, analyze and manage spatially referenced data. Uses of GIS range from indigenous people, communities, research institutions, environmental scientists, health organizations, land use planners, businesses, and government agencies at all levels. Tizen is a good platform for developing potential GIS application.

Native widget in Tizen 2.4 mobile


In this article you will learn by example, how to create a Tizen 2.4 mobile native widget and how to share data between a widget, service and a UI application.

In short words, a widget in Tizen is a small application which is displayed on the home screen of a device. Typically we use a clock widget, weather widget, sticky note widget, recent contacts widget etc. Widgets can be created using the Tizen Native API and they can be distributed in the Tizen Store only when accompanied by a regular UI application.