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Tizen Developer Spotlight: How Two Hackers Are Building The Future of Mobile Linux   

 The Tizen App Challenge’s $4+ million is by far the big kahuna right now, but plenty of smaller prize opportunities are available to mobile developers. Designed to jumpstart the Tizen ecosystem, a number of hack-a-thons with jackpots are cropping up across the country. Dedicated Tizen developers Jakob Perry and Emilie Nouveau recently won a runner-up reward for their hybrid in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) app called Boomzbox. Jakob’s daytime hours are spent at Acquia as a senior software engineer, while Emilie works at MongoDB as a web developer. 

GUIDE: First Time with your new Tizen SDP - Drivers and certificate

GUIDE: First Time with your new Tizen SDP (Software Development Platform) 


When you get your Tizen SDP (in this case: model RD-PQ) you will need to make some tweaks in order to start working properly.

Here I will present to you a step by step guide on how to start with your new device.


First of all:

Unlock Your Inner Badge Appeal During the Tizen App Challenge

Developers, maybe more than any other profession (celebrities being the exception), live and die by their reputation. In the case of app developers, they live and die by the quality of their code and the resulting success of their app. The opportunity to gain visibility and secure a foothold by being one of the first to enter the Tizen market is a big one; in fact, it’s a $4M opportunity. And, if you’re an HTML5 developer, you really should be involved. Tizen is the highest ranked platform for HTML5 on HTML5test.com

JQuery to Tizen UX Conversion Tutorial: Dashboard Tutorial - Part 2


This article is part 2 of a two-part series that demonstrates the Dashboard pattern. The Dashboard sample application is based on the Tizen WebUI framework template generated by Tizen Web IDE.
The application demonstrates the design of dashboard form for Tizen applications using the Tizen widgets.

Note: This article explains about how to design a dashboard application and does not contain functionality of calculations and updation of real-time data, etc.

WebGL Tutorial


WebGL (Web Graphics Library), based on OpenGL ES 2.0 provides JavaScript API for rendering 3D graphics. It is supported by majority of the desktop and mobile browsers. Internet Explorer announced its support with IE 11 with Windows 8.1. WebGL is fully supported by Tizen platform. This technology enables the developers to create applications that can run on multiple platforms.

Application Fundamentals Developer Guide


Tizen platform supports Web (HTML5,CSS, JavaScript), Native (C/C++) and Hybrid applications (Web & Native). Tizen web applications are packaged according to W3C widget packaging spec. A Web Application is a composition of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS combined as a package that is installed on the device. It can access the device functionalities using Web Runtime.

Tizen platform allows creation of wide range of applications for Tizen devices.