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How to create an arcade platformer game for Tizen using phaser.js


Phaser.js is nowadays one of the most popular and versatile web game engines. It is supported by a big community and a formidable developer team. Amongst many of its features is the quick setup process and ease of use. It is also worth mentioning that phaser.js is based on the very efficient canvas and WebGL rendering engine – pixi.js. Any developer can easily start making games with phaser.js utilizing javascript.

Creating Web Multiplayer Game with WiFi Direct


Tizen Platform doesn’t support WiFi Direct Web API yet, however its implementation should appear soon. For now there are few ways of creating web application using WiFi Direct. One of those solutions I’m going to describe in this article. We’ve created WiFi Direct library for web environment that uses hybrid application to provide Web API that developer can use and invoke some native functions. Using this library I’ve created multiplayer game called TypeRace, which process of creation is going to be described in details in this article.

IvanK library introduction

This article describes an IvanK JavaScript library and how to work with it on Tizen.


IvanK Lib is an open source JavaScript graphics library. It is small, simple and very light. It renders graphics using WebGL and runs in browsers with WebGL support (also on mobile devices).

To use the IvanK Lib in your Tizen Web application: 


Game development with CraftyJS library - Follow-up


This is the second article in series about CraftyJS on Tizen. In the first article, "Game development with CraftyJS library - introduction", framework's basics were explained. In this article some more advanced features like creating your own components, designing complex animations or playing audio files will be presented. These topics are illustrated with a sample application - game Quiz attached to this article.

Game development with CraftyJS library - introduction


The aim of this article is to familiarize the developer with CraftyJS framework and describe how to use it in Tizen applications. These topics are illustrated with a sample application - game Quiz. It is the first article in a series, covering CraftyJS-s basics. Framework's structure, scenes and the entity/component system will be explained. Then we will show how to work with sprites and create simple entities. At the end some basic animations will be presented.

Canvas2D mobile web game development – implementation


Before reading this article we recommend you to get familiar with the “Canvas2D mobile web game development – basics” where we introduced Canvas 2D API along with concepts of the game loop and the adaptive game loop. We also shortly described a basic web game architecture. A class diagram for sample application - Earth Guard - was presented. That’s why we recommend you to start with the previous article.

How to use Tiled Map Editor with Cocos2d-html5



Tiled Map Editor is a great tool for creating game levels and tiled maps. The Tiled application is written in C++, with the help of the Qt application framework and it is free. It allows the developer to create orthogonal as well as isometric tiled maps. Maps are saved as TMX files which are just XML-based formats, so they are easy to read and they work with varying game engines.

The official Tiled web site: 

Cocos2d-html5 game framework in Tizen applications - Follow up

This is the continuation of the article about Cocos2d-html5. The previous part briefly described how Cocos2d-html5 works and introduced some basic elements, such as: sprites, layers and scenes. We will now focus on handling user input, playing sounds, running actions and more.

NOTE: The sample application, attached to this article, requires a device supporting the DEVICE ORIENTATION  event.

Cocos2d-html5 game framework in Tizen applications - Introduction

What is Cocos2d-html5? - Introduction

Cocos2d-x is an open-source cross-platform game framework designed for 2D graphical environment. It has been ported to many languages and mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, etc. 

Cocos2d-html5 is the JavaScript version of Cocos2d-x, designed for web browsers and based on HTML5 technology. Tizen provides best HTML5 compliant web app framework, so Cocos2d-html5 can be made to work on it easily. Cocos2d-html5 uses Canvas object to render the graphics.