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Native UI Design Using EFL


This tip article demonstrates how to use EFL to create a basic Tizen Native application UI. EFL is an open-source toolkit that provides a set of libraries that offer useful features to applications. EFL is one of the Tizen native UI modules and is available in various Tizen profiles. A sample application is developed which implements some UI components for better understanding.

A simple custom organizer with the Tizen Native API – part 2

This is the continuation of “A simple custom organizer with the Tizen Native API - part 1” article. If you haven’t yet, please, get familiar with the first part before reading this one. The first article describes how to connect to the calendar service and create an example task. This one – how to get a to-do task and update its properties.

A simple custom organizer with the Tizen Native API - part 1


The Tizen Native API gives the possibility to display and manage calendars. There are two types of calendar entities: events and ‘to-dos’. Our article series regards only the second type.

The first part of this article series describes how to connect to the calendar service and create an example task. The second part will describe getting to-do tasks and updating their properties.

Creating a flashlight application

After creating a “hello world” app, a beginning programmer usually starts creating more and more complex applications. A flashlight app is usually one of the first projects beginners start. In this article we will demonstrate how to create such an app.

Where to start?

The first thing is to meet the necessary conditions, for the app to work. We will be making an app that has a button which, when clicked, toggles the LED light on or off. Furthermore, once the LED has been turned on, a notification will be displayed.

Multiple Screens Support

This article gives some tips on how your application can support screen resolutions in Tizen Native API.

Before reading this article please familiarize with article about Responsive UI and with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) which is used to create UI in Native API applications for Tizen.

You can find EFL documentation in SDK Help and  on webpage - http://docs.enlightenment.org/.


The Tizen comes in a variety of screen sizes:

Game assets in EFL


The article will demonstrate how to create some popular graphical elements of a 2D game using the EFL library in a Tizen Native Application. The topic presented here is based on the code of a sample game which was simplified in order to focus on elements such as an animated background, creating elements using 9-slice scaling, animations using sprites and making simple effects imitating three-dimensionality. 

Animations in Tizen Native Application


The article will demonstrate how to make animations in the Tizen Native Applications. The aim of the article is to present the possibilities offered by the EFL library which is responsible for building the GUI of Tizen native applications. We would like to present the subject in a concise way and using lots of sample code. The knowledge gained after reading this article can be used both for game development as well, as to implement interesting effects in the user interface.