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Game development with CraftyJS library - Follow-up


This is the second article in series about CraftyJS on Tizen. In the first article, "Game development with CraftyJS library - introduction", framework's basics were explained. In this article some more advanced features like creating your own components, designing complex animations or playing audio files will be presented. These topics are illustrated with a sample application - game Quiz attached to this article.

Audio Video Playback Tutorial





Audio/Video Playback Tutorial


The Tizen Multimedia framework is based on GStreamer open source project. Media framework enables you to play and manipulate images, video, audio, and VoIP. Tizen platform provides support for html5 video/audio tags and embedded playback in Web Browser. It also provides services to capture image, record video and audio/video playback.

Here is the list of audio and video services provided by Tizen platform: