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UX Overview

Tizen provides a solid framework that supports stable app designs. It provides several basic screens, such as the Home screen, Lock screen, Recent screen, and notification panel. Design your apps to share the screen and UI properties of these basic screens to ensure a consistent user experience.

Design Principles

Tizen design principles explained in this section of the document are provided to suggest clear guidelines for developers, to design simple and easy-to-use apps for everyone.


Focus on the Primary Goals

Ensure that your app allows users to easily use its major features. You can simplify the screen layout of your app and emphasize important features so that users can easily find them



The idea of on-screen animation effects in the Tizen UI was inspired by the behavior of wind. We aim to reproduce the wind’s natural movements on the screen to provide a more organic and aesthetic experience for users.


The Look and Feel of a Gentle Breeze

The concept of fluid animation design represents the look and feel of a gentle breeze. Objects glide across the screen as if they were blown by a gentle breeze.


Colors play an important role in creating designs for a rich visual experience. Carefully selected colors add rhythm and richness to the screen design and provide the entire system with visual consistency.

Tizen provides various color palettes to help you select colors to indicate different functions of on-screen objects.

This section provides information about the new default theme color since the Tizen SDK 2.4 and explains the system colors (functional colors) used to indicate different functions.


Breeze Sans

Choosing the right typeface is important because Tizen apps rely on content-driven designs. Typefaces that are easy to read can improve the usability of the design by helping users better understand the content.

Breeze Sans, the main typeface, is specifically designed for the Tizen UI since Tizen SDK 2.4. It provides excellent readability on all screen sizes, including the WVGA and HD resolutions.


Tizen icons

Tizen uses simple icon designs with subtle shadows. The following are guidelines for designing icons that instantly deliver information at a glance.


Use Icon Designs That Are Easy to Understand

When you design icons, ensure that they are easily understood without any additional description. Where applicable, use universal designs that are familiar to users. It’s a good idea to perform a usability test on the icons after designing them.