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This section provides essential information about the wearable app design in terms of the basic actions, color schemes, icons, typographic factors, and the design elements that can be incorporated into the wearable apps.


Tizen wearable iconography consists of a few requirements to achieve a simple but elegant design. These rules cover all the icons used in the wearable device and the manager app on the mobile device. Refer to the following for information about icon sizes and other style properties.


Design Principles

User experience design for a Tizen wearable device shares the traits of other wearable platforms. The wearable device must be small enough to be worn and must be accessible on the go. For wearable UX design, the size of the wearable device and the smallness of the screen are two of the greatest challenges.


In Settings, users can view and customize various functions. By offering the right settings at the right time, you can enrich your app’s user experience.

Designing Settings

The Settings menu is provided in the 'More' menu. Since users don’t change their settings that often, emphasizing this menu is not necessary. Put Settings below all other items, except 'About' or 'Help'. If your app provides 'Settings', 'About', and 'Help' menus, the order should be 'Settings' > 'About' > 'Help'.