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Widget Board

Widgets can be found on the right hand side of the watch face and are accessed by rotating the bezel. They deliver important information and access to quick actions without requiring a user to open an app. Because they’re easy to use on the move, they’re a great opportunity to engage with users.

Watch Face

The Watch Face is the first screen displayed when you turn on the wearable device. Pressing the Home key closes the running application and brings the user to the Watch Face.

Watch Face States

The Watch Face has two different display states: “active” and “always-on.” The active state Watch Face is shown when the user is interacting with the wearable device. It displays every detail that a designer has chosen to add to it. Watch Faces in an always-on state use less battery power, so they are limited to showing just the time of day, and very little else.


The following are the basic actions used for navigating the Tizen wearable UI. When designing the apps, note that these basic system actions are reserved for the system and cannot be used for any other interactions.



Users can tap the elements on the current screen (for example, lists and pop-ups) to move from one screen to another, open a new screen for more details, and proceed with tasks.