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Creating UI elements for a game menu in Unity3D for Tizen


Unity3D plays nowadays a key role in the world of mobile gaming. At this moment it seems to be the fastest way to deploy games across platforms and devices. Therefore we could not omit writing about it as a game delivery platform for Tizen.

In this article we will focus on how to create basic UI elements in the Unity3D game creation software basing on a game deployed for the Tizen Platform, which can be found on the Tizen Store under the name “Sub Explorer”.


Camera - image grabbing and live modifications to the preview frame and the final picture


This article will show you how to grab a camera preview frame and apply some effects to it.  Also, it describes how to apply the very same effect on the eventually taken picture using only the Tizen Native Camera and the Image Util C API.

In the presented example we want to add a sepia effect to a camera preview and the final picture. Sepia is an effect which makes the picture look like an old-fashioned monochromatic photograph, colorized with brown tones.