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Matter.js - a 2D physics library in Tizen



For many years we had only one choice if we needed a 2D physics library for our projects. This choice was called Box2D. It was versatile, quite easy to use, with many options and had many users, so getting support information was convenient. You could see this library being ported to JavaScript, Flash or even a C version used in Java and many more.

Nearby Places Search


In this document, demonstration is done on how to create a simple web application in Tizen using Google Maps Geolocation API & Google Places API.  The Geolocation API provides scripted access to geographical location information associated with the hosting device, such as latitude and longitude. The functions in the Google Places JavaScript library provides the facility to search for places contained within a defined area, such as the bounds of a map, or around a fixed point.

Creating a complete Currency Calculator application in AngularJS for Tizen – part 2


In part 1 of our Currency Calculator article series we have showed you what kind of application we will be creating using the angular.js framework. We have introduced the libraries needed to complete the Currency Calculator (fig. 1). We showed you from which API we will obtain the data. We have also showed the basic HTML structure and the CSS of our application.