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Add Recurring Calendar Event Tutorial

Add Recurring Calendar Event Tutorial


This article explains how to add Recurring event to Calendar using Tizen platform device API's in your applications. The article applies only for systems based on Tizen platform.


To use the Calendar API methods, you must declare the necessary features in the config.xml file.

For the below example,Open the config.xml file, choose the "Feature" tab, and add below features to enable them to use in your applications.

Developer Application Case Study: Shopping List


Shopping list is a web application that is designed to aid people while shopping. Users can assign a color to the list for easy identification. It allows users to add an item to the list, mark as favorite, remove from the favorites and delete items from the list. It also provides feature like sorting the items alphabetically by type, by store or by bought status.

Audio Video Playback Tutorial





Audio/Video Playback Tutorial


The Tizen Multimedia framework is based on GStreamer open source project. Media framework enables you to play and manipulate images, video, audio, and VoIP. Tizen platform provides support for html5 video/audio tags and embedded playback in Web Browser. It also provides services to capture image, record video and audio/video playback.

Here is the list of audio and video services provided by Tizen platform:





Address Book Management

Sample application features

The ExtendedAddressBook sample application demonstrates how to use the Tizen platform’s Contact, Messaging and Application APIs. It also makes use of filters (AttributeFilter and CompositeFilter) provided by the Tizen Device API.