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How to create an arcade platformer game for Tizen using phaser.js


Phaser.js is nowadays one of the most popular and versatile web game engines. It is supported by a big community and a formidable developer team. Amongst many of its features is the quick setup process and ease of use. It is also worth mentioning that phaser.js is based on the very efficient canvas and WebGL rendering engine – pixi.js. Any developer can easily start making games with phaser.js utilizing javascript.

Using LiveValidation JavaScript library

This article describes the LiveValidation JavaScript library and how to use it to validate forms filled out by users in real-time.


LiveValidation is a lightweight JavaScript library for making real-time validations. It controls the form fields while the user is typing. The purpose of the library is to save the users' time and make the filling of forms' fields less daunting for them. A JavaScript validator doesn't replace the server-side validation that should be performed all the same.