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JavaScript HTML DOM vs ActionScript Display List


The main purpose of this article is to familiarise flash developers with the concept of DOM (Document Object Model) which plays in HTML a similar role as the display list in ActionScript. The DOM allows you to create and display visual objects, but represents a different approach than the display list. If you have ever dealt with XML in ActionScript, you probably used some of the DOM methods. In this article we will describe how to use the DOM and create basic HTML elements and effects. Next, we will shortly introduce you to the graphics and multimedia.

Working with EJSON on Tizen


EJSON is extension of JSON that gives developers possibility to store in the JSON format more types than standard Boolean, Number and String values. By default EJSON supports storing Date and Binary (Uint8Array) data. However you can write custom extensions that support your own data formats.

Linking to your application

Tizen Store provides several link formats that let users deep link to your application in the Tizen Store from your Tizen application. These deep-links launch the Tizen Store application and arrive at the target page.

The deep link formats allow you to link to a details page of a specific application, link to the main page of the Tizen Store application or link to a list of applications published by you.

Creating Custom Events on Tizen


In this article I'm going to describe a new API for creating custom events and how to use them inside Tizen application. There've been many ways of creating custom events before HTML5 came to the market, but now things got much easier.

You can simply create a custom event by calling the following line of code:

var event = new CustomEvent('mycustomevent');

What it does, is it creates a mycustomevent event instance that can be dispatched in the following way:

Comparison of Core Audio API's

A complex, multimedia application such as a game is nothing without sound. Whether it is background music or just a simple “click” when an event has been identified, sounds are essential. In Tizen 2.3 offers numerous API’s that deal with sound:

  • Audio I/O
  • Sound manager
  • Tone player
  • Wav player


These API’s are all related to playing sounds on your Tizen device, but which should be used to what purpose? In this article we will discuss the usage of each of these API’s.

Drums for Tizen

“Drums for Tizen” is a simple and fun app that allows the user to play on a virtual drum kit.

This app makes use of the Player API, which plays a selected sound, when the user touches a specified place on the screen, corresponding to the drums on screen.