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Category : Tizen .NET
Ahmad Reshi
17 Dec 2019
Tizen .NET Application, Tizen Studio, Tizen .NET, Tizen Platform Release, Tizen
Is there something unusual about the pace and nature of technological changes? The notion that our 21stcentury world is one of the accelerating advances is so dominant that it seems churlish to challenge it. It is a prima facie that software and its development environment are two sides of the same coin. Undoubtedly, for developing any software, the development environment plays a vital role. It acts as a kernel and all the development revolves around it.
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03 Sep 2019
Tizen .NET Application, Tizen .NET, Tizen Studio
Using CircularUIMediaPlayer application, we can build a video player for Tizen Wearables. Smart wrist wearable is the evolving technology in recent times. Industries are trying sculpting technologies to get customers glued to their products. Media is always a non-stop environment that is liked by every age group. According to a recent IDC report, the top three wearables brands, Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Apple hold a combined worldwide share of over 50%.  
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28 Nov 2018
Tizen, Tizen Studio, Tizen .NET Application, Tizen .NET
Introduction We are in an era where watches are being used for more than just an instrument to tell time. Over the past decade, we have seen a radical transition of smart devices, and these smart devices have taken over in every sphere of our lives. Wearable technology is booming in the market nowadays. Wearable devices are devices that can be integrated into clothing or devices that can be worn on the body as accessories. This blog focuses on wearable devices with a round shape.
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01 Aug 2018
Tizen .NET Application, Tizen .NET
Thinking of creating a basic Tizen .NET application and are not sure where to begin? Then here is the solution to your problem. We introduce you to the Tizen .NET App Creation video series that will help you understand how to create a basic Tizen .NET application: 
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27 Jul 2018
Tizen .NET
For all the developers who are eager to start their Xamarin.Forms adventure, a group of Tizen and Xamarin.Forms practitioners from Samsung R&D Institute Poland have just released over 120 sample apps to play with.
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02 Nov 2017
Tizen .NET, Tizen .NET Application, Tizen Platform Release
Samsung has released the second milestone (M2) version of Tizen 4.0. Tizen 4.0 brings significant enhancements to the development environment, including the Tizen .NET architecture, support for C# as an application programming language, and Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.
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16 Oct 2017
Tizen .NET Application, Tizen .NET
This blog explains how to create a simple Wi-Fi demo application using the Tizen Wi-Fi APIs, and also to design the application UI using XAML.
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25 Sep 2017
Tizen .NET, Tizen .NET Application
Visual Studio Tools for Tizen is a development tool set that enables app developers to develop Tizen .NET applications.  The first preview (beta) version was released on November 2016, and the official version v1.0 for Visual Studio Tools for Tizen is scheduled for release in October 2017.  History of Preview Versions We have so far released for preview (beta) versions : Preview 1 (Nov. 2016)
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23 Aug 2017
Tizen .NET
Last week, the long-awaited .NET Core 2.0 was finally released. It has already been a year and a half since we decided to embark on the long journey to introduce .NET into Tizen by participating in the .NET Core open source project. We are undertaking this voyage alongside the .NET Foundation, Microsoft, and the .NET community.
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Prasad S R
20 Aug 2017
Tizen .NET Application, Tizen, Tizen .NET
In this blog, let’s learn to create a simple Text-To-Speech application using Tizen TTS (Text-To-Speech) APIs, and also to design the application UI using XAML.
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