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Category : Tizen
05 Mar 2019
We are looking for developers to share their experiences and skills in Tizen development with passion. Please show your enthusiasm and be a participant!  
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28 Nov 2018
Tizen, Tizen Studio, Tizen .NET Application, Tizen .NET
Introduction We are in an era where watches are being used for more than just an instrument to tell time. Over the past decade, we have seen a radical transition of smart devices, and these smart devices have taken over in every sphere of our lives. Wearable technology is booming in the market nowadays. Wearable devices are devices that can be integrated into clothing or devices that can be worn on the body as accessories. This blog focuses on wearable devices with a round shape.
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27 Nov 2018
Tizen, Tizen Studio
“Gaming - the evolution” Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and is rapidly growing. There is so much entertainment, emotion, creativity, and problem solving skills attached with gaming experience. Millions of minds are working daily to give you the best gaming experiences. Now the era has begun where you do not need a controller, now a Smart Watch on your wrist can be a game controller to play. It gives you the feel that you are in the game as you are playing the real sports with real gestures, for example imitating racquet in your hand while playing Table Tennis on a Smart TV connected with your Smart Watch. Just imagine the quality of efforts gaming companies are putting in to develop such games.
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23 Mar 2018
Tizen, Tizen Studio
A team of Tizen enthusiasts from Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine has created a set of lessons in English, Ukraine and Russian languages for those who want to start developing native applications for wearable devices, running on Tizen
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Prasad S R
20 Aug 2017
Tizen .NET Application, Tizen, Tizen .NET
In this blog, let’s learn to create a simple Text-To-Speech application using Tizen TTS (Text-To-Speech) APIs, and also to design the application UI using XAML.
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06 Jun 2017
Tizen Platform Release, Tizen
We are pleased to announce the Tizen 4.0 the first milestone release. This milestone provides developers with Tizen .NET, an application framework for Tizen based on .NET. Developers can use the C# programming language and the Common Language Infrastructure standards and benefit from a managed runtime for faster application development, and efficient, secure code execution. Highlights of this release are as follows: Tizen.NET
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