Ten Magical Tools to Bring Two Worlds Together

Ten Magical Tools to Bring Two Worlds Together

BY Reni Mathew 17 Feb 2020 Tizen .NET Application, Tizen .NET, Tizen Studio

Something new for the Visual Studio native developers and Xamarin developers!

The Tizen ecosystem is enhanced by collaborating with Microsoft on open source projects. The flexible and powerful Tizen with amazing features of .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms indeed helps the C# and Tizen developers to have a unique development experience.

This blend and unique experience are possible because of some tools, collectively known as Visual Studio Tools for Tizen. These ten magical tools bring two different worlds, Tizen platform, and Microsoft tools and technologies together.

Let’s have a glimpse of these magical tools before going into detail:

All these tools help you create Tizen .NET apps easier and faster. As you know, wearable devices are the emerging technologies in this era, these tools are not only used for development but you can also try them to design. Watchface designing is getting popular day by day. How about showcasing your creativity in the incredible world of watchface designing using these tools? Are you curious to find out? Then, come and explore the Visual Studio Tools for Tizen and its amazing features with .NET core and Xamarin.Forms. Bring life to your designs.

Your expedition does not end here and it is not only limited to designing. This is a chance for the designers to achieve a developer status. Anybody can develop a Tizen .NET app using Visual Studio Tools for Tizen. The .NET core and Tizen features will ease your app development without any complications. You can use this opportunity to design, develop, test, and certify apps for wearables, TV, mobile, and much more.

Now, let us see what these ten magical tools offer you on your expedition:

Tizen Package Manager offers an easy and simple way to manage platforms and tools without understanding the complicated package dependencies. It also helps you to get detailed information about the installed packages on the device.

Tizen Emulator Manager helps you to test your application in an environment similar to a real device. It allows you to generate emulator instances from a predefined platform and template. Additionally, it helps you to define and configure settings such as skin, resolution, and hardware devices of your virtual device.

Tizen Certificate Manager helps you to have a certificate profile, which is a combination of certificates used for signing. Every application must be signed with a certificate profile before installing it on a device or publishing it. The signature verifies the source of the application and ensures that it has not tampered since its publication.

Tizen Log Viewer enables you to check your log messages in Visual Studio. It also organizes and displays the events logged by the application in an interactive format.

Tizen Device Manager helps you to manage the external devices connected to your computer. A device can be either a virtual device, such as an emulator or a physical device that is connected through a USB cable or a wireless connection.

Tizen API Checker tool enables you to detect potential issues with privileges and APIs in your Tizen .NET application.

Tizen Resource Manager manages the resources and resource configurations that the project provides. It also creates multi-configuration directories and manages multiple device resolutions.

Tizen SDB Command Prompt helps you to communicate with the connected devices. The connected device can be an emulator instance or a real Tizen device.

Tizen Profiler helps you to analyze the performance of your application. You can record, manage, and view profiling sessions.

Now that you are familiar with the ten magical tools, don’t hesitate to try. Feel the power of Tizen OS, enjoy the amazing features of .NET Core, and the dazzling designs by Xamarin. Experience this one-stop for app design, development, testing, and deployment. To find more about these tools, delve into Tizen Docs.



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Written by Reni Mathew