Making Tizen more open for developers

Making Tizen more open for developers

BY Oleksii Kulakov 23 Mar 2018 Tizen, Tizen Studio

Challenges Faced by Developers

Do you familiar with the situation when you are interested in something, determined to try yourself in some new area, but after the first steps you’ve realized that this may bring you more difficulties than advantages. And you decide to quit, have not even actually started. Unfortunately, this is the case for many programmers who are beginning to develop on Tizen.

That is why a team of engineers from Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine decided to create a resource that would help promote the platform among local developers community and reduce the entry threshold for future Tizen software engineers. Our goal is to create a foundation for the development of a self-sufficient ecosystem for the Tizen operating system.

What Have Been Done?

Our team of Tizen enthusiasts has created a set of lessons in English, Ukraine, and Russian languages for those who want to start developing native applications for wearable devices, running on Tizen - 

In these tutorials, you can find all needed for the beginners information:

  • Tizen Platform brief overview,
  • start with installing SDK,
  • working both with the emulator and with real devices,
  • generating certificates (Tizen and Samsung),
  • guidance how to use Samsung App Store,
  • work with the necessary libraries,
  • study main elements of an application,
  • widgets, templates, application and package manager,
  • Guideline how to create applications, designed for round screen.

After this course, the fresh developers will be able to write a simple program on their own, upload applications to the App Store and get the first profit.

What are Perspectives for Development?

Currently, our team keeps working on further lessons development. We are trying to meet major of Tizen developers need qualified information and to make Tizen platform closer to programmers.


Made with love by Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine (SRK)

Written by Oleksii Kulakov